615X62P-AU - COBB Tuning Power Package - Stage 2

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Part #: 615X62P-AU
Notes: Stage 2+ Power Package
Includes Part #s AP3-AU-SUB-003, 800200, 524203, 724150, 515101, 715100-BK, 715100-BL
Your Price: $2,675.00

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Part Number Price Notes & Specs
615X62 $2,395.00 Notes Stage 2 Power Package
Includes Part #s 524203, 512500, AP3-SUB-003, 800200, 515101
Color Stealth Black
615X62-AU $2,350.00 Notes Stage 2 Power Package
Includes Part #s 800200, 524203, 515101, AP3-AU-SUB-003
615X62P $2,735.00 Notes Stage 2+ Power Package
Includes Part #s AP3-SUB-003, 512500, 800200, 724150, 524203, 515101, 715100-BK, 715100-BL

All Fitments

Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
2008 - 2014 IMPREZA WRX STI
ALL 2.5 T EJ257 ALL AUS Model; Hatchback

Product Description

With our Stage 2 Power Package, you’ll enjoy significantly improved turbo response, significant torque gains at low engine RPMs, and more power under any occasion. To achieve these gains we replace the restrictive factory exhaust with our high quality turbo-back exhaust that, in addition to performance, produces a sporty and purposeful exhaust note. To ensure everything works together optimally, the AccessPORT is utilized to re-tune the engine computer (ECU) for maximum benefits. The results? An additional 50 HP and 85 lb-ft of torque over stock!

Technical Specs

  • Power Gains – +50 HP and +85 lb-ft (93 octane) typical
  • Boost – 17.5psi (max)
  • Exhaust Noise Level – With Cat : Below 95 dB (meets EPA requirements)
  • Exhaust Noise Level – w/o Cat: Above 95 dB (illegal for street use)
  • Installation Difficulty – Average difficulty, requires basic hand tools and jack stands or vehicle lift
  • Options – With Cat : Best for emissions, quieter
  • Options – w/o Cat: Louder, marginally better power, more exhaust smell/fumes.
  • Reliability – Very good. Engine experiences less stress from heat and exhaust backpressure. Exhaust system constructed of more corrosion resistant material than stock.
  • Legality – Due to the change in emissions equipment (catalytic converters), system is not legal for street use in all states. Please check your local laws.
  • Parts Included – SS Turboback Exhaust, AccessPORT (pre-loaded with Stage 2 Calibrations)

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